Sequin for Winter


Saturday I was invited to visit a boutique called Runway by The Sassy Shop Girl in Caldwell, NJ…I had such an amazing time, the owner Martha Fava was such a delight, not only kind but with such a vibrant personality. So of course I had to wear something special…and why not a vintage sweater with sequins from @glamourmeshar….I love the details on this sweater.

photo 1

I paired it with my boyfriend jeans and my cool sparkling pumps.

How cold was it on Saturday! New Jersey has got to be one of the coldest states to live in omg!

photo 2

It was only right to wear a warm coat that still accentuated the sequins instead of hiding the beauty of the outfit. So why not this off white coat from Zara, it is delicate and chic, a perfect coat for the fall.

photo 3

This sweater has a christmas feel to it, the details consist of pine trees, stars, and cheer boxes. Love, love, love anything vintage. I am so happy I found this piece.

This piece is why I always emphasize the importance of shopping at thrift stores. I definitely have a unique look for only $25, a price you definitely cannot beat.

The coat I purchased at Zara for $100 and the boyfriend jeans are from H&M for $39.

I added the oversized clutch to make the look a little more classy.

photo 4

Autumn or winter don’t ever forget to always leave your house looking flawless for we never know who is looking at us or who we will captivate.

My favorite moment of Saturday was walking into the food store at 8pm with my amazing sequin outfit and feeling like Sarah Jessica Parker….So Sex & the City, and when you get those looks you definitely know you’re doing something right!

On a Fashion Note….

photo 5

My visit to Runway was a success can’t wait to share all about it on tomorrow’s blog. Details on the store, location, and the amazing conversation between the owner and I.


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