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Happy hump day Dolls,

On today’s post “OOTD” shorts and pumps!!

It always seem to be a good idea to change a little bit the way we style our pumps. We typically wear our pencil shirt but I say no more.

This shorts are from The Vintage Attic small boutique located in Clifton, NJ
The older the jeans the better the look

The pumps are nude. These are my favorite shoes so far The Pagalle Christian Louboutins also comes in black and pink. Every woman should have a nude pump.

The blouse is from forver21

The clutch is from gypsy warrior

This sunglasses are from gap

The reason why I mix & match this look with the clutch & blouse is because I’m obsessed w stripes. One should always look different. Strips pretty much goes with everything, so don’t be afraid I know I’m not.

Always a good idea to be different.

Love who you are. Embrace patterns and colors .. Mix & Match and why not wear pumps with shorts.

Hope you guys enjoy this cute post & dare to be You.


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