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Happy Thursday everyone,

Today let’s talk beauty. I enjoy splurging on great makeup, but it does not mean I like to wear it. I love to use soft colors for my lips and light tones on my eyes. I wanted to share with you guys some of the products I’ve been using for a while v.s. products I recently purchased. So, recently I purchased the Trish McEvoy mascara. I love the packaging… The mascara has volumizing benefits. Just add warm water to remove and it slides off your lashes in an instant. No extra mess which is the best part. I give it a perfect 9. The price is $31 dollars.

Another great product I purchased recently was the Burberry effortless liquid eye liner. My personal opinion it’s one of the best. It gives that perfect cat eye. (Still trying to master this artistic skill…)The price point is $36.00 but it’s worth it ladies. In comparison to the Stila eye liner (my original fave)… Stila dries shiny and Burberry to a matte finish, which I personally love.

Ok so this applies to me 100% when the Winter comes my lips tend to get very chapped. I found this amazing product by Amore Pacific, Lip treatment Moisture bound $38.00. Ok ok so you must be thinking I’m crazy for spending a little more on lip balm but when it comes to beauty there is no price. So far so good. I wear it every night before bed and in the morning my lips are moisture ready for lipstick.

Another item that women tend oversee, is the primer. I never wear primer, but I decide to give Too Faced a try. I love that my eye shadows last longer. The price point $21. The reason why primer is important is because it prepares the skin for the longevity of the eyeshadow. No oily lids and creasy eyeshadow ladies…

Now let’s talk about foundation so I heard hourglass gives amazing coverage and since I’m always taking pictures, why not. I got myself illusion w SPF 15 from Hourglass. I’m very happy with this product. I love that I look natural without having 10 pounds of makeup on…unless the occasion ever arises that I may need cake face. (Don’t see that time coming anytime soon.)

Let’s talk about the oldies, my favorite pallet in the world is NAKED by Urban decay … baby I’m obsessed with toasted for my lid, it’s like my favorite color, can you tell by the picture? For my crease I use creep or darkhouse. Seriously ladies Naked from urban decay is the best and it last a long time.

I’m all about finishing my look with a glow. I love using High Beam from Benefit, it’s genius. It’s an ethereal pink liquid highlighter that creates a radiantly dewy completion. The pink shimmering lotion adds a soft, natural afterglow. It’s perfectly alluring to all skin tones. Use it on the bow of your lip and cheekbones.

I’m seriously thinking about doing VBLog but I’m still practicing. I hope this tips help you ladies. This are my everyday essentials they fit perfectly in my makeup bag. Stay beautiful. Xo







Amore Pacific, Burberry, Hourglass, & Trish McEvoy Nordstrom

Urban Decay Naked and Benifit High Beam Sephora

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Chicas aquí algunos de mis productos favoritos para mi maquillaje diario. Aquí les dejo con mi Foundacion de Hourglass. Un iluminador de Benifit llamado High Beam perfecto para cualquier color de tono. También recomiendo el lápiz de ojos de Burberry es perfecto porque te da un terminación mate en los ojos. En el invierno sufro mucho porque al hacer mucho frío los labios tienden a partirse, Amore Pacific tiene un brilla labios que es como medicina para los labios, te humecta, un poco costoso pero vale la pena. Para las sombras de los ojos, mi preferida es Naked de Urban Decay, no tan solo es duradera pero tienes colores con los que puedes transformar un look natural a un look dramático.  Antes de aplicar la sombra aplica un primer para que la sombra te dure mas durante el día o noche. El primer evita que párpado y pliegue del ojo se vean grasosos. Por ultimo uno de mis productos favoritos es la mascara de Trish McEvoy tiene beneficiosos voluminosos. Es extremadamente fácil de quitar al agregara agua. Me encanta el paquete que presenta. No se van a desencantar.

Espero que estos tips de mis productos favoritos le ayuden a obtener el look mas natural.

Besos Chicas y gracias por leer!


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