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Happy Thursday Everyone!

As promise I’m sharing with you guys some of my favorite products. I’m a true believer that investing in your skin is the best investment ever.

The first product is from Laura Mercier is a finish power.

{A lighter-than-air setting powder that adds an invisible lightening boost.} I love it specially because I take a lot pictures and do T.V segments!

I also purchase these brush recently from Sephora only $27 dollars I love it. {Pro Fan Eventail 65} –


A fan-shaped brush used to expertly finish and perfect makeup.


I remember I started using this product in 2012 while filming Glam Fairy. I love that extra glow in the summer and why not all year round. This product is Bathing from Benefit  “Take a picture… it last longer” … For only $30 get the perfect glow. I use it on my legs and arms, specially when I’m shooting or going to a special event!


The picture makes no justice, I hope you guys can appreciate the pretty glow!


Another great product I have been using for several months now is Flattummy Tea

Flat Tummy Tea is a 2 step tea detox to help cleanse your system, speed metabolism, reduce bloating and boost energy.

You have the option of getting the four week pack or two week pack. I truly recommend this product only because I see RESULTS. It feels great to start my Mondays reset and refresh. Remember the body is your best treasure. Did I mention the flavor is super good no need to add sugar.


I don’t know why this pretty bracelet reminds me of my childhood. I want to thank Rimma Jewelry for this precious gift. Can’t wait to rock it. It’s so delicate and soft.


Last but not least, one of my favorite finds. The single eyeshadow by Nars called Galapagos. I had to order it online since Sephora and Nordstrom had no stock. I love mixing this color with Half Baked by Naked SO PRETTY!


Best highlighter hands down HIgh Beam by Benefit! It really goes a long way. $26

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