Fashion meets US Open


Wow it’s amazing how growing up I always wanted to be a tennis player and here I am at the US Open not necessary playing but enjoying this fun game. I remember a few months ago when I received the message that US open wanted to partner with me. I was honor because it’s a huge event in sports.







Since when does fashion and sports mixed?! I wasn’t sure how I was going to bring this into someones interest, but hey it got mines.

I think apart from being a fashion blogger I also enjoying lifestyle, sports, working out, life in itself. I invited my friend Amy Perez from What Amy Wore we had tons of fun. We took the 7 train into queens. {That was fun ha ha}

When I arrived at the stadium I couldn’t help it but to take tons of pictures.

My overall experience was amazing. I got to see Federer play against Mayer. Federer won the match both great players. What I love about tennis the most it’s the discipline, the sound of the ball believe or not. It’s really intense I tried playing it once total failure. I really encourage you guys to end your summer with a nice visit to the US open you still have an opportunity to use my promo code by one get one 50% The PROMO CODE IS BKYR {Only applies for 9/9 games)














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